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Commercial and business loan

Getting the right business loan can be one of the most important decisions you'll make for your business. It’s important that you choose a finance broker who will be able to fully understand the nature of your business and exactly what loan is best suited to it from a strategic point of view. COMPASS lending and finance are experts in sourcing the correct loan to suit their client’s needs. A strong background in business banking, the best in customer service and supplier diversity allows for ideal outcomes when you need business finance .

vehicle and equipment loans

Closely linked to business & commercial lending, these types of plant & equipment , motor vehicle loans are required to be in place over a relatively quick time frame. COMPASS lending & finance can have these loan facilities approved inside 48 hours with a loan settlement soon thereafter. 


residential propoerty loans

COMPASS lending & finance has access to a vast array of home loan products which allows them to tailor loan products to your needs.  They will research competitively priced loan products, and help you through the process, providing guidance at every stage along the way. Engaging a professional  finance broker can really put your mind at ease, simplify the process and save you money.


Financial Planning Services

Working closely with COMPASS financial management , COMPASS lending & finance is able to assist in making sure that your long term financial needs & objectives are met & monitored. COMPASS financial management are Certified Financial Planners who can  advise you on all areas regarding Investment Portfolios and Superannuation or Pensions. A COMPASS financial adviser will review your personal situation with you confidentially and help you to identify your financial goals and how to achieve them strategically.

Finacial Assessment

Understanding a business balance sheet & trading statement  is important because an aberration in performance can have a dramatic impact on loan approvals. Michael has been employed in credit assessment roles in his historical working life & has the capacity to understand the significance of a business’ liquidity , equity & trading performance, & the associated trends in these key areas . This allows him to identify weaknesses & to accordingly help clients to take steps to mitigate.


Cash flow projections

If you are expanding & growing, or even changing the direction of your business, you need to know whether mathematically these changes or your new venture, will add monetary value to your business. COMPASS lending and finance have the vast industry experience,  tools & capabilities to construct cash flow forecasts & associated analysis tools.  Working closely with your finance broker toward your financial goals can make your dreams turn into reality faster. This process can also assist greatly in supporting business loan finance or credit applications.  


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