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COMPASS lending & finance 

Our goals are to help you achieve yours

Business owners who are renting their premises are likely to be missing out on huge financial gains by not purchasing the asset.  


COMPASS Lending and Finance will provide carefully tailored loans suited to your specific needs.


Can you imagine what it would be like to obtain your new home or business loans with the ease of dealing with professionals who can offer products independently from numerous banks and lenders?


If you approach your own bank...whose products will they recommend? The goal is to secure the best loans for your needs by considering all the options on the mortgage market - not just what one institution offers.


Imagine what it's like to have someone to handle all that red tape and detailed analysis for you! An industry professional like COMPASS can  provide answers when you need them and offer ongoing feedback and assessment to ensure your peace of mind.


Find out more about specific services offered by COMPASS Lending & Finance and what a broker can do to help you achieve your financial goals...

COMPASS provides innovative financial solutions for: Residential Home Loans; Investment Property Loans; Commercial & Business lending; Finance for vehicles and equipment.

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'Thank you for taking on the seemingly impossible with our financial situation  turning it full circle, & allowing us to have a very positive future. We appreciate all you have done for us.'

Aimee & Mat



A Certified Financial Planner® is well equipped to complete a comprehensive review of your financial situation and develop a financial plan to help you achieve your goals. 

COMPASS financial management has provided financial advice to clients for over 43 years. Your financial plan will provide strategies to significantly improve your wealth, within appropriate structures for  investments, whilst also providing solutions to minimise financial risks. Your COMPASS Mortgage Broker and a COMPASS Certified Financial Planner® will work side by side to ensure the best strategy is developed for you.

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